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Allen Park Raves about Hofmann Chiropractic Clinic!

What Our Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Hofmann Chiropractic Clinic patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Yours in Health,
Dr. John M. Hofmann

  • Good to be back after being away for 3 years. I haven’t felt this well in a long time. Thank you!
    - Rosemary D.
  • Staff was very professional and warm welcoming and the facility was clean and comfortable.
    - Harold S.
  • This team cares about their patients and gets them taken care of almost immediately!! Highly recommend this chiropractor for anyone in need! 10 out of 10
    - Kyle A.
  • Thanks so much John for getting me in when my back went out unexpectedly!
    - Rebecca H.
  • I walked away feeling much, much better and very encouraged. The Hoffman team is great!
    - Faye H.
  • Knowing I can have relief!
    - Helen K.
  • Very happy I found a place close to home. They saw me the same day and am very satisfied with the adjustments.
    - Delia R.
  • I went away a bit achy, but was finally able to move, and was recovered in a day or two.
    - Stephanie H.
  • Friendly and concerned staff. Dr Hoffman is very attentive, knowledgeable, and forthright.
    - Colleen L.
  • You are awesome!!! Thank you so much for making stand taller.
    - Louis W.
  • Very happy with the whole experience.
    - Steven H.
  • Love it! Happy I went and feel amazing after. Definitely happy I chose here.
    - Devion M.
  • I trust Hoffman Chiropractic Clinic and am familiar with a long time reputation of caring and excellent care.
    - Sharon B.
  • Staff is very pleasant. My doctor is thorough, courteous, and personal. I have been with this office for a long time and I would recommend to anyone who wants to improve their overall health. Very pleased with my personal results. Thank you for your services.
    - Deborah N.
  • Got my lower back adjusted at Hoffman Chiropractic about five years ago and felt great after. I’m back for another adjustment and I’m confident I’ll get the same results. Always great service with minimal wait.
    - Michael S.
  • Dr. Bianco is a Great Doctor!
    - Daniel R.
  • Everyone was very nice and helpful.
    - Brenda G.
  • With the skills Dr. Bianco has, she has given me life .
    - Mike G.
  • I am so grateful for the explanation and plan to get me back in a healthy place.
    - Michelle G.
  • Everyone was very friendly and listened to my concerns. I was very pleased with the practice and the staff.
    - Christa B.
  • Very friendly staff. Was taken care of in a timely manner. Very professional environment!
    - Ricardo S.
  • So glad that I ended up here!!! Everyone is great and I know I am receiving excellent care!!!
    - Christine Z.
  • Your help and support are helping me get back to a normal life. Thank you for all you do
    - Paul T.
  • Altogether nice staff, helping out my condition tremendously! Will highly recommend this place to others.
    - Martha M.
  • I’m glad I found You.
    - Patricia P.
  • I have been seeing Dr. Hoffman for more than 15 years. He is incredibly talented at his profession. The activator protocol is the only method of chiropractic that I will agree to. This is largely because not only is it painless, it’s incredibly effective. I was recently living in Florida and was looking for a qualified activator chiropractor and found it difficult to find. I actually considered flying back to Michigan just to see Dr. Hoffman. Do yourself a favor and just go see him!!! He will become your chiropractor for life. He’s just that good!!!!
    - Greg I.
  • Thank You Dr Bianco & Dr Hofmann for always squeezing me in at the last minute.Outcome was always awsome. Also ty to your awesome staff over all the years For going the extra mile for me.
    - Ronald S.
  • This was my first time at a chiropractic clinic. The staff was very friendly and polite and Doctor John was very professional.
    - Evan D.
  • Was a patient 25 years ago and was pleased with them and left for a while and decided to come back and still very pleased thank you.
    - Suzanne P.
  • All the staff was kind and very efficient. I was extremely satisfied and look forward to referring friends and family. Thank you all
    - Ethel C.

"Thank You For Your Services"

The staff is very pleasant. My doctor is thorough, courteous, and personal. I have been with this office for a long time and I would recommend to anyone who wants to improve their overall health. Very pleased with my personal results. Thank you for your services.
-Deborah N.

"My First Experience was Wonderful"

Every part of my first experience was wonderful. I have been in pain since a fall in mid-March. ER and doctor visits said everything was fine. I was not fine. the pain was debilitating. The staff is knowledgeable and patient. Dr. Hofmann explained everything in a way I could understand. I have total faith that Dr. Hofmann will be the one to finally help me get back to my daily activities. He came highly recommended. I am so pleased.
-Karen B.

"Incredibly Talented"

I have been seeing Dr. Hoffman for more than 15 years. He is incredibly talented at his profession. The activator protocol is the only method of chiropractic that I will agree to. This is largely because not only is it painless, it's incredibly effective. I was recently living in Florida and was looking for a qualified activator chiropractor and found it difficult to find. I actually considered flying back to Michigan just to see Dr. Hoffman. Do yourself a favor and just go see him!!! He will become your chiropractor for life. He's just that good!!!!
-Greg I.

"Very Grateful to be Well Taken Care of"

The staff as well as Dr. Hoffman was incredibly helpful and kind. Thankful to God to have found these people, and very grateful to be well taken care of. It was refreshing to be treated with kindness, dignity and respect.
-Taylor K.

"Extremely Helpful to Me"

I'm a returning patient and my appointment was an update appointment, and I also received an adjustment. I was looking for a chiropractor closer to home because the drive is about 30 minutes for me. I was not able to find anyone I like and was confident about like Dr. Bianco. She always knows just what to do and is extremely helpful to me. I like her upbeat, cheerful personality as well.
-Marjorie M.

"The Adjustment was Excellent."

Dr. Bianco reviewed the x-rays with my wife and me and answered all of our questions. The adjustment was excellent and I felt much better after the treatment was performed. She and the staff were very courteous and friendly.
-Steven S.

"Dr. Bianco was amazing!"

Dr. Bianco was amazing! Not that I really needed a distraction while she was doing everything but she was really great at talking to me and keeping me distracted. She explained all my X-rays to me and even had me take pictures of them so I had a copy in case of an emergency. Some of my pain is still there but I can definitely feel a difference! Highly recommend!
-Megan P.

"Unmatched in the industry."

The nurses at the front are so friendly and helpful. They understand their craft, it's apparent. Dr. Bianco has a wonderful bedside manner and a precise technique. This office is running at high efficiency. Unmatched in the industry.
-Karen M.

"Thanks for taking care of me."

I appreciate that I got to see the doctor at the same time I was there. I figured I would have to come back at a later date. I'm glad it worked out for me. Now I'm on my way to getting the relief I need after hurting for a while. I'm sure I will feel comfortable by getting the attention I need to get back on my feet without pain. Thanks for taking care of me.
-Roger L.

"Glad to have found a Good Chiropractor"

Starting to feel better, looking forward to better days and getting off pain meds. I'm very glad to have found a good Chiropractor who really wants to help me feel better.
-Beatrice M.

"Your staff was very friendly and helpful."

I was a walk in and everyone treated me as if i had been there many times. I am looking forward to building a healthy relationship with you and your staff.
-Leanne E.

"Pleased With Experience"

I was very pleased with my experience with Dr Bianco. She took time to explain my x-rays to me and go over the plan to keep my back and neck healthy. I look forward to coming back for future visits. The staff is very helpful and patient with all your needs. I only have praises to say about the whole staff!
-Sherry T.

"Highly Recommend"

When I walked into the office I was in the most horrible pain on a scale of 10 when I left my pain subsided to around a 7 in the next day I woke up with zero pain. I highly recommend this practice I was in pain for years prior to learning about this practice.
-Stephanie A.

"So Fantastic"

I slept better, felt better and cannot wait to get adjusted again to begin my journey to being pain free. We were riding down the road and Ken said look over there. I forgot I could turn my head after being adjusted by Dr. Bianco and missed seeing whatever it was. So crazy, I just had gotten used to not being able to turn my head. But now I can. Yay! So fantastic.
-Nancy A.


Friendly staff, office very clean. Very nice friendly doctor I felt so much better after my adjustment even my stress went away. I will never go anywhere else!
-Catherina A.

"Very Appreciative"

My first impression from the staff was that my visit was important, secondly the questions and survey were not difficult to navigate and finally when treated by Dr. Bianco I felt I was well informed as she took the time to make any explanations of my treatment very clear and understandable. The visit exceeded my expectations and for all of which I am very appreciative. -Vito A.



"Thank you for your healing touch".

"Due to scoliosis, I have suffered with neck, back and hip pain for many years. As a child, my grandmother introduced me to chiropractic care. How thankful I am for that introduction!

My parents and I had no idea how helpful this type of care would be to me throughout the years. After moving to the downriver area three years ago, I began my search for the right chiropractor. I tried several chiropractors, but needed to find the right one for me.

Then I visited Dr. John Hofmann and was thrilled with his technique. The search was over! Immediately, I received the help I needed and my pain was relieved. Dr. Hofmann listens carefully to what I explain and then he works his wonders. Last year, I twisted my right foot badly. Once again, Dr. Hofmann came to my rescue and relieved the pain. Throughout the years I have had many chiropractors to work on me in different states. Dr. John Hofmann is one of the best! Thank you, Doctor, for your chiropractic care and your healing touch."

--Miriam Woods (Flat Rock)



"Desperate for relief"

"Dr. Bianco is not my first chiropractor. Anyways, I went kicking and screaming (almost literally) at the tender age of 50. I had been raised with the belief that chiropractors were "quacks

One morning, while getting ready for work, I sneezed which was followed by excruciating lower back pain. I was desperate for relief and petrified of the thought of surgery so I finally decided to give chiropractic a try.

It took several adjustments before I was able to stand fully erect, but after each adjustment the pain was more bearable and finally completely gone. Fast forward to today and the Hofmann Clinic...Dr. Bianco was highly recommended to me by a trusted friend and the decision to change from my previous chiropractor has proven to be nothing but a positive! I've also learned (some of us take longer than others to learn valuable lessons) that if I'm coming in for regular adjustments, I heal much more quickly when I do have an occasional "bout" of back pain!

Thank you to both Dr. Bianco and Dr. Hofmann for keeping me away from the surgeon's hands!"

--Vicki Brannon (Westland)

"Hip & Neck Problems Much Better"

"I was suffering from a pinched nerve to my left hip and tightening of the muscles in my neck, which were very bothersome and probably caused from heavy lifting.

My son told me about chiropractic care and thought, why not? I went to see the people at the Hofmann Clinic and it was the best thing I ever did. I am feeling better than ever. I would definitely recommend their care to anyone!"

-Graham Armstrong

"Numbness In Hands & Shoulder Improve"

"I've been a beautician for over 40 years, which involved standing on my feet and bending my back in different directions hundreds of times a week. This line of work causes me to have numb hands and stiff shoulders. Chiropractic care has helped me tremendously to eliminate the pain and discomfort I feel from my job. I am happy to tell others about my good results from the people at the Hofmann office."

-Ann Ruggeroli

"Low Back Pain Eliminated"

"After talking to a friend at work, he suggested I go to the Hofmann Clinic to get some help. I told him that I had injured my back and I was in constant pain and found it was affecting the work at my job. I'm glad I followed his advice. After several weeks of care, I was back to my old self and was able to function again. I think chiropractic is the best thing you can do for your back."

-Robert F. Hill

"Headaches and Sinus Pressure"

"My father always spoke of how well he felt after receiving chiropractic care, and when I could not find any relief from my headache pain, after going the medication route, I decided to go to Hofmann Chiropractic. I used to miss work because of my problems and now I have found the health program that definitely works. I think it's great that I don't have to use drugs to feel good. My father was right!"

-Michele Lee McWhite

"Thank You for Helping My Boys, and Me Too!"

"I began at Hofmann Chiropractic in May 1997. They showed me how I had injured my neck and spine 7 years ago when I fell off the ramp of a moving truck.

When I injured myself, my M.D. sent me to physical therapy and gave me pain pills and muscle relaxers. Except for the time I was pregnant with my third son, I have had to take so many different medications that I was walking around like a zombie. The excruciating pain never went away and the nerve damage to my feet (my "peripheral neuropathy") was getting worse and worse every day. Then about three months ago my neck, left shoulder, and down my left arm to my wrist was numb and in pain from a pinched nerve.

The pain in my shoulder has lessened about 80% and my lower back and neck feel 100% better. I still have a long way to go, but I've been helped so much and I greatly appreciate it.

Since my husband lost his job, Hofmann Chiropractic has helped me set up a payment plan that I could afford, too! Now they are treating my 2 oldest boys, Joseph and Chester. Joseph's headaches are gone and Chester hasn't had to take his asthma medication since he started chiropractic care.

Thank you so much for helping my boys and me!"

-Lantha Kiluk

"I Had Lower Back & Shoulder Problems"

"My problems may be work-related. After going the Hofmann Clinic and following my doctor's advice, I am feeling much better. I would recommend chiropractic to anyone!"

-Earl M. Booker

"My Arthritis Pain is Gone"

"I suffered with back, hip and neck pain (which I believe were caused from arthritis and work injuries) for some time before a friend told me about his good luck with chiropractic. I made the decision to see the people at Hofmann Clinic, and after following their instructions completely I was free from pain and even felt stronger and more relaxed than I had before my injury. I would advise anyone with aches and pains to seek chiropractic care. It worked for me!"

-Earl McCormick

"I Suffered from Painful Migraine Headaches"

"I used to suffer miserably from migraine headaches until I sought help from the people at Hofmann Chiropractic. After following their instructions and course of care, I felt much better. In fact, I felt even stronger, ate better and slept better after visiting their office. It worked great for me!"

-Erma Bennett

"I had Lower Back Pain"

"I was suffering from lower back pain and pain in my upper spine and neck area. My mother and sister referred me to Dr. Hofmann's office for the chiropractic approach. After receiving care, I am more relaxed and feeling better. I would definitely recommend chiropractic to others!"

-Lillian M. Suckling

"I Hurt Myself at Work"

"I hurt myself at work which caused my low back pain. I heard about the Hofmann Clinic from a friend, and after getting the care I needed I am getting better. I recommend chiropractic to others with similar problems."

"I was Desperate for Help"

"I was desperate for help. After having shooting pain in my elbow and nagging low back pain I decided to give chiropractic a try. I think many years of bad posture, lifting, and carrying things improperly caused my problems. After the people at Hofmann Chiropractic helped me, I slept better, ate better and was feeling much better!

-Dorothy Gurley

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